“My Mother’s Tapes,” is a woven representation of world news broadcasts recorded on VHS by the artist’s mother. Numerous video cassettes, over one hundred hours of footage, archived televised commentary about the Yugoslav Wars during the 1990s, demonstrating the arduous human effort to derive meaning from media and memory.

The VHS ribbons have been removed from their cases and interlaced as textiles and abstractions of conversations about women and war.  The ribbons conceal a diary of conflict re-organized into patterns that sometimes unravel at the edges. The final tapestries display invisible narratives further distorted by intersections and reflections.

“The tapes themselves, now functionless, lie shimmering, their record no longer existing, yet still powerfully present.” – Samantha Reynolds, Root Division.

Currently on display:

Artists’ Television Access (ATA) window gallery. Solo, March 2021.

San Francisco Women Artists gallery. Group, March 2021.


Second Wave / 60″ x 26″ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2020


Shroud / 26″ x 58″ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2020


Eclipse / 30″x30″ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2018


Funerary Shawl / 4’x4′ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2018


Mass Grave / 5’x5′ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2018


Flooded / 24″x24″ / video cassette tape ribbons / 2018


Both Sides Now / 20″x20″ each / video cassette tape ribbons / 2017


Cacophony / 2:15 / VHS recorded news footage; Bosnia, Aug-Sept 1993 / 2020